Mike Zonta has been a studnet and teacher in The Prosperos, a school of ontology (the study of being), for many years.  He is the co-founder of the Metaphysical Alliance, an organization founded in 1985 to address the AIDS crisis in San Francisco.  Mike is also the co-founder and editor of the Bathtub Bulletin (BathtubBulletin.com), a website disseminating the latest and greatest expressions of ontology in all its forms:  consciousness, sexuality, androgyny, futurism, art, music, physics, astrology, democracy, photography, humor, and more.

Mike co-edits the Occupy San Francisco website:  OccupySF.net.  And he is a graduate of New College of California with a B.A. in Humanities and an M.A. in Humanities and Leadership.  He has been a “lifelong learner” at City College of San Francisco with certificates in Paralegal Studies, French, and Digital Media.

Zonta Photos are photographs taken mostly in and around San Francisco.

Framed copies of these photos are available for sale.

You can reach me at zonta1111@aol.com for pricing, payment and shipping  details.

–Mike Zonta